Build your own chatbot based on your clients needs.

Core Benefits

Best-in-class NLP engine
A completely customisable engine that has the ability to power natural language assistants in a multilingual setting
Arabic platform
Habot is the best Arabic platform that is armed with not just the language but also its varied dialects.
No-code platform
The platform allows clients to build and publish their own chatbots without any prior coding experience
Cloud and on-premise deployment
Chatbots built using the platform can be deployed on-cloud as well as on-premise, allowing clients to secure all data within their infrastructure.

Key features

Test your bot on the flight and publish once ready

Key features

Use logs to constantly improvement conversations

Key features

Easy integration with 3rd party

Key features

Allow chatbot to proactively reach your users, when needed

Key features

Ready-to-go chatbots to start in few clicks


Leads generation
Customer-support automation
Sales increase
HR automation


The Habot platform is designed to facilitate integration capabilities that are compatible with a long line of software platforms.
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Pricing plans



• One integration (web)

• Limit of intents - 5 in total

• 1 chatbot only

• 1 hour of implementation support

• Proven logo on integrations

• Limit of interactions per month - 1000



• All integrations except API

• No limits on intents

• No limits on chatbots

• Custom NLP engine in cloud

• 3 hours of implementation support

• Online support

• Proven logo on integrations

• Limit of interactions per month - 10k



• All integrations including API

• 8 hours of implementation support

• Priority online support

• Custom NLP with on-premises setup

• No Proven logo

• Limit of interactions per month - 50k


Frequently asked questions

How accurate is it?
How much will it cost me?
Do I need to implement it myself?
Does it support Arabic?

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